Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular roofing system in rural areas due to it’s strength and ability to shed snow, Metal Roofing is known for it’s durability. 

We offer 3 different types of metal roofing, all having their own Pro’s and Con’s. 

  • 29 Gauge Agricultural style roofing panel
  • 26 Gauge Residential Snap-Loc Roofing Panel
  • 24 Gauge Commercial Grade Standing Seam Roof Panel

The 29 Gauge Agricultural Panel is the least Expensive option of the 3. These panels are best used on outbuildings. The major downside to this panel and why we don’t recommend them for a house is because they use screws that are exposed to the element and require regular maintenance or a Tune-Up every 5-8 Years meaning they have to be re-tightened and after a few Tune-Ups replaced with larger screws. Who wants that hassle on their home. In the end you end up spending as much (If Properly Maintained) as if you went with the snap-lock in the first place

The 26 Gauge Residential Snap-Loc Roofing Panel is our recommended Roofing Panel for your Home, it has a pleasing aesthetic and is available in many colors. The heavier 26 Gauge Panel is more durable and the screws are all sealed so there is no visible screws and are unable to back out over time unlike the AG Panel. Here at Top-Notch we crimp all the ends with a specialized crimper tool, so there is absolutely no exposed screws on the roof.  The cost is middle of the road and provides the best value to the residential consumer.

The 24 Gauge Commercial Grade Standing Seam Roof Panel is the choice for Commercial and low slope applications. The metal is extremely heavy and thick and with the raised ribs is able to withstand pooling water without leaking. This panel can be used in residential applications, but are not as aesthetically pleasing as the residential panel and is also the most expensive panel on the market. 

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