Liquid Roof Systems

Contrary to popular belief a liquid roof system is not “just painting a roof”

There is so much more that goes into these systems than meets the eye.

Here at Top-Notch we are fully trained and registered with Inland Coatings to offer Factory Warranty’s on commercial applications. On residential we are only Able to offer 10 & 15 Year Material Warranty’s, however we back all of our Coating jobs with the equivalent Workmanship Warranty ( Residential Only)

The 3 types of systems we offer are.

  • Full Rubberized Systems
  • Acrylic Systems
  • Silicone Systems

Each system has its own purpose and use for example the Rubberized System which is our favorite can be used on many different surfaces such as metal and TPO to name a few, where as it cant be used on EPDM but Acrylic can. Silicone is best for areas where there is a commercial kitchen where grease might build up. 

The Process

The job starts with a thorough cleaning, usually with a high pressure washer, if grease is or heavy grime is present we will use a degreaser. This step is extremely important to achieve proper adhesion. 

Step 2 is to seal all seams, penetrations and screws (if it’s a metal roof) with a sealing compound and either polyester fabric or a specialized butyl tape specifically designed for roof coatings. When used on an AG style panel metal roof sealing the screws essentially achieves the same result as a snap-loc or standing seam roof does. Check Out our Page on Metal Roofing Types Here

The final step is to apply the material, depending on the system and circumstances a primer may be needed and the amount of coats depends on the desired Mill of the system. Our installers use gauges to check the millage being applied regularly to ensure the proper amount is being applied to satisfy whatever system is purchased. 

(10 Year, 15Year, 20 Year)

In the end you get a newly restored roof guaranteed to last at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Please note not all roofs are suitable for a coating, it all depends on the degradation of the surface to be worked on sometimes a roof is too far gone and the only option is to replace it. So if you have a roof that is getting close, don’t wait! give us a call and lets catch it before it’s too late!! 

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